Healthy Breakfast Smoothie for 139 Cals!

It was smoothie contest time on Snapguide! So I pulled out the works! This is a jicama, strawberry, grape, and fig smoothie! It’s not a recipe I’ve seen before, I did a little testing with my blender, and am proud to say I came up with this recipe, all on my own! Give it aContinue reading “Healthy Breakfast Smoothie for 139 Cals!”

Snickerdoodle Celebration Cake!

Hi guys! Snickerdoodle tiered cakes are whats new with Little Sister Sweets, and me! This cake is moist, easy to make, and even easier to decorate! Ingredients: 2 cups butter 2 cups brown sugar 2 cups white sugar 6 eggs 1 tbsp vanilla extract 5 cups flour 1 tsp baking soda 2 tsp baking powderContinue reading “Snickerdoodle Celebration Cake!”