Healthy Breakfast Smoothie for 139 Cals!

It was smoothie contest time on Snapguide! So I pulled out the works! This is a jicama, strawberry, grape, and fig smoothie! It’s not a recipe I’ve seen before, I did a little testing with my blender, and am proud to say I came up with this recipe, all on my own! Give it aContinue reading “Healthy Breakfast Smoothie for 139 Cals!”

Easy Almond Croissants with Puff Pastry!

These little almond croissants are deliciously easy! Made with puff pastry, you can have these handy little breakfast/dessert/anytime goodies ready in just a few minutes! Check out my Snapguide, for step by step pictures! Check out How to Make 30 Min Almond Croissants to Impress by Rikki Kazmierowicz on Snapguide. Rikki’s Ratings: Baking Level- Easy Time to complete- Under an hourContinue reading “Easy Almond Croissants with Puff Pastry!”