Fancy Chocolate Cake to Impress!

So I’m the kind of person who makes a chocolate cake just because I need something to decorate. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, was this fun! Easy, and beautiful!! I couldn’t wait to share it with ya’ll.
Now I just need to find someone to eat it. Pronto. You know what I need? To open a bakery! Keep dreaming Rikki, keep dreaming. 🙂

Any who here is a link to my snapguide, on how to make this beautiful cake!
Chocolate Cake to Impress!


My sister’s beautiful roommate Becka offered to model for me!


Oh so so yummy! Happy baking ya’ll!

Little Sister Sweets

2 thoughts on “Fancy Chocolate Cake to Impress!

  1. Well, you got it! I’m totally, completely, absolutely, irrevocably, nodoubtly (did I made that up?) impressed!
    Beautiful chocolate cake (perhaps, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen <3)
    PS You should work on that bakery project 😉


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