Moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies! Version 7.07!

Ohhh boy oh boy! I have something for you today! I know you’ve all heard the promises by every baker, the promise that they have the perfect CCC recipe, and surprise surprise, I’m not here to do that! I’m here to give you another version, and version that uses similar ingredients but a new mixingContinue reading “Moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies! Version 7.07!”

Little Sister Sweets – All New Video Recipes!

Hi guys! Exciting news! Little Sister Sweets, hits Youtube today, with all new episodes…… a Blog turned Baking Show! Check out my first episode here: Now, not only can you read my recipes, but, in just 2 minutes, see how they’re made as well! Feel free to subscribe, and let me know what you think! HappyContinue reading “Little Sister Sweets – All New Video Recipes!”