Moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies! Version 7.07!

Ohhh boy oh boy! I have something for you today! I know you’ve all heard the promises by every baker, the promise that they have the perfect CCC recipe, and surprise surprise, I’m not here to do that! I’m here to give you another version, and version that uses similar ingredients but a new mixing method!
This recipe is adapted from Gretchen, at woodland bakery! She’s quite the baker!
The fact that you melt the butter, and use less and only brown sugar, makes this cookie moist and chewy. We also add butterscotch chips to these cookies, which I think is a fabulous special touch!
Follow this recipe exactly, and I know you won’t have any problems! (don’t worry its easy peazy)


Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Published by littlesistersweets

Hi there! My name is Rikki. I have a little bit of an addiction to baking. I create my own recipes, but love to bake the classics. Nothing ever beats how your grandma makes something! Hope you enjoy my recipes, and maybe even try them out for yourself! Tootaloo! ~Rikki

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