Perfect Moist Classic Zucchini Bread!

Heres the story:
My sister comes to me a few days ago at 6 o’clock at night, with that smile on her face, that I really want something smile.
“Rikkkkii” she says lips pouched out. “Do you think you can make some of that delicious zucchini bread, the good stuff?” I couldn’t say no. So off I went to the kitchen to whip up this recipe. As I popped it in the oven, she asked me “Is it done yet?” I rolled my eyes. Patience is not her strongest suit, especially when it comes to my baked goods. 😉 An hour later, and 4 more “is it done yet” comments from my sissy, I pulled a beautiful loaf of zucchini bread out of the oven. I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Check out How to Make Classic Zucchini Bread by Rebekah Kazmierowicz on Snapguide.

Let me know what you think! Happy Baking!

Published by littlesistersweets

Hi there! My name is Rikki. I have a little bit of an addiction to baking. I create my own recipes, but love to bake the classics. Nothing ever beats how your grandma makes something! Hope you enjoy my recipes, and maybe even try them out for yourself! Tootaloo! ~Rikki

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