Easy Peach Pie!

The other day I was craving peach pie…. really craving peach pie! So off I went to the store, and began my search for peaches. Much to my great disappointment, I did not find one peach at my local grocery store. (I need to call someone about that!) SO I had to settle for cannedContinue reading “Easy Peach Pie!”

3 Days of Wedding Cakes: San Francisco Baking Institute!

This last week was a bakers dream. I spent three days at the San Francisco Baking Institute, learning the art of Wedding cake making. What an experience. We learned how to make gumpaste flowers, modeling chocolate roses, piping techniques, how to make buttercream, how to use fondant and so much more. I can’t wait toContinue reading “3 Days of Wedding Cakes: San Francisco Baking Institute!”