5-Ingredient Healthy On-The-Go Granola Bars!

Face it, mornings get busy! Wether you’re off to work, or like me, off to school early in the morning, many times I find myself stumbling around the kitchen wondering what to eat for breakfast. Nothing seems all that appetizing, yet I know I should be eating something! Heck, breakfast is the most important mealContinue reading “5-Ingredient Healthy On-The-Go Granola Bars!”

Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Magic Bars!

Last week was awesome for this Oregon gal, she got to go up to a beautiful ranch in British Columbia and stay for a whole week, and bake her heart away. In my family of six, there are 4 girls and only 2 boys, we out number them two to one. Imagine how many timesContinue reading “Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Magic Bars!”