Easy 3 Ingredient Biscuits!

Facebook is dangerous. Not only for obvious addiction reasons, but because just the other day, there I am innocently scrolling a long and all of a sudden I see a picture of flaky, extremely moist looking biscuits. Titled “7-up Biscuits”. How this came into my feed I do not know, but boy was I thankful it did! The biscuits had almost a million “likes” on Facebook, and a cajillion (if that’s even a word) comments from people raving about them. I was intrigued! They called for 4 ingredients:
Sour cream

I was like what? How does this work? But boy the picture made me believe it. So of course, the next available opportunity I had, I picked up the ingredients at the store. I’m big on inputting healthier options at any turn, I can lower the fat and sugar in recipes with easy substitutions, so for this recipe, I did. Here goes:

Hands on time – 5 min (no joke!)
Baking time – 20-25 min
Total time – 30 min (so great right!)

Lightened Up Biscuit Ingredients:
4 cups Bisquick (or homemade Bisquick”)
1 cup light sour cream (I used Tillamock)
1 cup diet 7-Up
1/4 cup (approx) butter for greasing the pan

For step by step instructions check out my snapguide … Easy 3 Ingredient Biscuits!

I popped these babies in the oven the other night, and bam! 20 minutes later I couldn’t stop “tasting” them. So delicious! I highly recommend them, and the health changes, although totally minor, did not make a difference in over all taste. These would go great with any dinner, maybe even topped with jam or fried eggs for breakfast.

What do you think? 🙂


Mmmm mmm good!


For a homemade Bisquick recipe check out … Homemade Bisquick

Happy baking!!


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