Fried Plantains: A Nicaraguan Classic!

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to spend time in the country of Nicaragua for a one-of-a-kind missions trip. My team did so many amazing things while we were there and one of them was…. you guessed it. Cooking! I spent several hours in the kitchen with Nicaraguan ladies that knew their way aroundContinue reading “Fried Plantains: A Nicaraguan Classic!”

Perfect Moist Classic Zucchini Bread!

Heres the story: My sister comes to me a few days ago at 6 o’clock at night, with that smile on her face, that I really want something smile. “Rikkkkii” she says lips pouched out. “Do you think you can make some of that delicious zucchini bread, the good stuff?” I couldn’t say no. SoContinue reading “Perfect Moist Classic Zucchini Bread!”