No-Bake Heaven Bars

Boy do I have a treat for you today. (No pun intended of course) It comes in the form of a bar. Easy to make, but delicious.

My family and I went on a camping trip a few weeks ago, and every morning we would go to the same little place for coffee. Not drip coffee, but the real stuff. We love our lattes. Let me tell you, it’s kind of an addiction. Please go try an extra hot soy hazelnut latte for me. So so good. But any who back to the baking portion of this story. At this adorable coffee shop, you can go check out there facebook page here

they made something they called a Special K bar. It was beyond good, almost like a rice crispy treat, but with Special K, peanut butter, and then covered in chocolate. Very very rich. So I thought, I’m gonna make those! I tried them once… And oh man. Check it out here.

I made it using chex, because my sister is gluten free. It was delicious, but still so so rich. My take 2, is what you see here, in these pretty pictures. Same exact recipe, except I used Cheerios, and put about 12 cups instead of 8.

She loves them!!





The Best No-Bake Cookies

No-Bake Cookies

Hi all. Welcome to my blog. Baking is my addiction! Today I’m going to share with you a no-bake cookie recipe that rivals heaven. Not the greatest for your waistline, but hey, some things are worth it.

My brothers girlfriend Michelle, is in love with these cookies. She buys them whenever she sees them, and she tries making them whenever she can. She even nick named them Poo cookies, because heck they do kind of have that look to them. Yet they still taste so good! So anyway, I thought I would earn some major brownie points if I could make her the best ever no-bake cookies. Ladies and gentleman, I have succeeded!

Find the recipe for my no bake cookies. Click here.



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