Easy Almond Croissants with Puff Pastry!

These little almond croissants are deliciously easy! Made with puff pastry, you can have these handy little breakfast/dessert/anytime goodies ready in just a few minutes! Check out my Snapguide, for step by step pictures!

Rikki’s Ratings:
Baking Level- Easy
Time to complete- Under an hour
Scrumptiousness- 9 (Delicious! Add extra almond paste, for a thicker flavor!)
Taste tester opinion- 8.5

(Taste tester opinions are based on family and friends ratings
1- Bad
2- Ok
3- Could be better
4- Decent
5- Pretty good
6- I actually like it
7- It’s great in my opinion
8- Make again
9- Fantastic
10- There are no words for this )

Hope you guys have an awesome time baking away today!
Feel free to leave comments, questions, concerns, your ratings, anything! I’m happy to help!

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